What is Emfes?


Emfés is a clinic specialized in the treatment of stress and emotions that affect our daily life.

The  emotions have energy and block us both in our present, but also in our future, and prevent us from achieving our goals


Do you have depression, anxiety, stress?


With our emotional treatment emfes we work with:


  • Emotions and feelings that provoke unhappiness, discomfort or prevent being who you really are.
  • Depression-feelings like sadness, frustration, pain that can lead to depression,
  • Anxiety and stress: Feelings of nervousness, incapcidad before life or work that may be behind an anxiety
  • Any other type of emotions that make us harm us or block us make decisions or reach the goals we want.
  • Phobias
  • Our therapy is also applied as reinforcement to other types of treatment such as psychology, coaching, mentoring, etc.


How does an emotional treatment of Emfes help you?


The objective of the emfés is to work the emotions with energy psychotherapy (its central thesis is that psychological problems can be understood as the alteration of the bioenergetic field or the energetic structures of the body and for that reason they can be diagnosable and susceptible to be treated easily)


The objective of the emotional treatment of the emotions is to integrate the experiences, to release the emotions so that they do not continue affecting our emotional or energetic field,. It is also important to break the pattern of action that we keep repeating in our present, erroneously learned from past experiences. In this way we are free to make and make decisions


What techniques are there to find in our emotional therapy?


Among others, you work with the following:

  • Kinological kinesiology – Find and test emotions
  • Craneosacral. Integrate emotions and relax
  • L.S.E Release emotions from the deepest emotional field
  • Osteopathy Visceral. Many times the emotions are placed in a specific tissue, the organs have neurons, these  can record  emotions ant these can affects us in any organ of the body.
  • Bach Flowers: Bach Flowers are a series of natural essences used to treat various emotional situations, such as fears, loneliness, despair, stress, depression and obsessions.
  • Naturopathy: In cases such as anxiety or depression can advise taking aminoacids, such as tryptophan, phenylalanine … etc.
  • and more techniques.,.